I lay here surrendering to the pain caused by loneliness matured My chest heavy with a weight old in being Old of time which has passed static in its existence in its unyielding nature Time time time, continuous, infinite when will this change this horrid feeling of vulnerability be free of its self, for a […]

Life of Colors

I dream in colors in story lines complete I dream through feelings lived, emotions craved, and imagination free Of laughter drama chaotic randomness that makes sense only to me. I breath life, my five senses always alert. I seek feelings in all it’s shades and shadows, for I’m the prism from which light filters through.


It’s Wednesday, and knowing that tomorrow is the last day of the week has set me on edge. I’m impatient to hit the road to the mountains, to get there as soon as I can. There is something about that place that just gets under my skin and fills me with energy, keeping me in […]