Holding off the Night Mares

I saw lightning in a far off darkness
surrounded with star studded skies

Ghosts of memories hover around
catch me off guard in moments of solitude

And when raving eyes try to escape the minds projected shadows
they accidentally glimpse the dark blanket above

And my soul becomes mesmerized with the pin prick lights,
with the all consuming vastness of whats beyond
And with it
A peace of mind

But a true moment of peace
Where fear is abolished
Where the Night Mares can’t come can’t be

And I hold on to the memory of wonder that consumed me
Stretch it and with it shield my mind for this one night –
that the Night Mares that sneak upon me, as I lay my head to rest, to lay their wicked dreams
may not approach this troubled soul,
So that they keep their horrid burdens for another unguarded sleep,

always waiting, always lurking

If only a single memory did not burn out in a night…

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