Bittersweet Farewell

I can no longer be another statistic in your life Another girl who’s fallen for you and who you have walked away from Another name on a list of forgotten faces You tell me your issues are too real too present too consuming I tell you you can have whatever you chose to want, you […]

Life of Colors

I dream in colors in story lines complete I dream through feelings lived, emotions craved, and imagination free Of laughter drama chaotic randomness that makes sense only to me. I breath life, my five senses always alert. I seek feelings in all it’s shades and shadows, for I’m the prism from which light filters through.

Drunken Rambles

So it seems that love is not enough…. It’s never enough…. in the end it’s always the mold or cast u come from… If u have the misfortune to click with that who is of a different cast then u will have to suffer the consiquence of this ill fated click… nothing but numbness possess […]