Silent Witness

She lays in my arms, her head resting upon my chest, her eyes wandering back and forth between memories and thoughts. Embracing her, relaxed, but with crossed hands holding arms with pressure felt. Presence and silence is all I can offer to her troubled mind. Her scars are deep, carved in flesh un-healing. And there […]

Curiously Patient

Ok, so this is hard to put up as it is, but i need to step beyond what i fear, and the written word is my way, so pls bare with me :] :S ________________________________________________________________ I’m everything that you can’t imagine the perfect match to your imperfection There I will be until a passion awakens […]

Imperfection Am I

I’m imperfection in every sense of the word, moody, silent, random, chaotic, incomprehensible, emotionally numbed by fear easily drowned and yet a stray shaft of sunlight lost in the clutter of the everyday a flame that dangerously bursts and burns so bright Seen but unseen Felt yet not acknowledged On the sidelines I have placed […]