I lay here surrendering to the pain caused by loneliness matured My chest heavy with a weight old in being Old of time which has passed static in its existence in its unyielding nature Time time time, continuous, infinite when will this change this horrid feeling of vulnerability be free of its self, for a […]

“Take My Breath Away” – a cliche craving with a flavoring of I

I want my breath to be stolen away ripped pulled with strength shattering the dry ice on my chest, to be clutched in talons sharp that soar so high then without warning dive straight down where my heart forgets to beat, where yesterday, tomorrow, & today are forgotten I want my breath kept on the […]

For Syria, My Love

Death is maturing my love Its greed for blood has grown Silent it is not these days Quiet no longer Tags of sectarian labeling sought out Simply death is not enough Torture of bodies still in shock of the reality of the moment before the end Disbelief of the situation reached “I’m almost home dear” […]

Silently Crave

i silently crave the burning sensation of cigarette smoke creeping into my eyes forcefully shedding long forgotten tears hidden away in shame and anger. Falling in public I hurriedly whisk them away with sarcastic giggles, hands wiping away the blasphemous liquid but privately, in silence welcomed, birthing sporadic tremors as they chillingly glide down. I […]