I lay here
surrendering to the pain caused by loneliness matured

My chest heavy with a weight old in being
Old of time which has passed
static in its existence in its unyielding nature

Time time time, continuous, infinite

when will this change
this horrid feeling of vulnerability be free of its self,
for a chance to shed the skins of sorrow scarred

Caged and ignored for so long
a cold monster created
unleashed without warning hurting those in sight
emptying out a tangle of frustrated emotions on victims innocent, unaware of the why behind the anger and bitterness expressed

The thirst to quench the desire of another
consuming my every fiber, my mind, and my soul

I need… I need…

…but for the fear I have of I
the fear of Myself
and what you can do to me…

And so here I am,
still where I’ve always been

May 2011

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