Blood frenzy

From the looks of events that are going on, it just seems everyone is ready to kill the moment they get a chance, no matter the side, no matter the cause.

The anger we are surrounded with and living in is pure evil… and we are all soaking in blood we can’t seem to put a stop too.
where are we heading?

this is all mind boggling, its blaspheme to human kind, to any belief any of us has or doesn’t have. where is the respect of life, and where are the civilized men?

And does it ALWAYS have to be through blood, death, torture, and acts of horror that we reach a form of decent life, or gain our rights to live?

No God would stand with this mentality, and no man or woman either…

May all the stolen lives and tortured souls find the peace that we till now can not seem to find or hold on to.

..An angry frustrated women..

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