Holding off the Night Mares

I saw lightning in a far off darkness surrounded with star studded skies Ghosts of memories hover around catch me off guard in moments of solitude And when raving eyes try to escape the minds projected shadows they accidentally glimpse the dark blanket above And my soul becomes mesmerized with the pin prick lights, with […]

A Portrait in Blue

The softest of melodies through perfection of movement is caught, A feast for eyes A journey of emotions painted with the utmost precision Sweeps, twirls, lifts, steps The Blessing of Water heavy in the air, a dance in the sea Solid ground beneath lithe feet, yet with every lift eternal suspension Gentleness personified, intimacy shedding […]


Craving the comfort of a choice rendered cheap – valueless. A treasure for I, incomprehensible to others. In light stumbling, trails of blood defaming ignorant walls, seeping slowly painting trails, mountains, rivers, oceans bringing consciousness momentarily to a soulless being. The canvas expanding moving with only pity for awakening the walls with its red, it’s […]