A Wake Up Call

About two months ago my dad comes home with last minute tickets to an opera concert, and we decide to go check it out.

It was a typical week day nothing out of the ordinary, just another day re-lived in routine. Woke up, went to work, came home, and had dinner. So the tickets came at the perfect time, something to break this silenced living. So we get dressed, and get in the car, arriving around half an hour early, get our tickets, and walk into the concert hall.

It was refreshing seeing all these people and I was surprised by the age groups there, most were very young, not what I was expecting. It felt good. We took our seats, chatted a bit, and the lights dimmed signaling the start.

The stage lights go on, illuminating the orchestra all sitting up straight with there instruments held in the ready, and four singers walk out. Two females and two males. All of whom sit down, except for one of the woman who stands in front of a mic, positioning the music folder she was carrying at an angle at which she can comfortable follow the music not hindering her performance. The music started, and she started singing. It was nice and different, she finishes her song, bows as she is applauded, turns then sits down in her seat.

Now the second woman stands up, and the music starts……but this time when she opens her mouth to sing and i hear her voice…for no reason I can explain, I felt my body ‘wake up’ and shudder… and as she continues to sing moving into a harmonized accapella, tears start forming in my eyes and falling. I could not control them, nor stop them. I silently sat there, with tears pouring down my face, sitting in between my parents, and quietly trying to calm myself down, slowly trying to wipe my tears away without letting anyone notice. Her voice was beautiful, and with every note she sang, the tears kept on coming.

I could not stay still for long, so in the dark with only the echoes of the stage lights, I took out my little black book, and started to write…
A possessed soul unaware of a numbness, so sly,
that has taken over what once was un-diminishing passion.

The music so unexpected,
A reaction unforeseen;
Streaming tears of an awakening.
A rush of emotions reclaiming what was thought to have been forgotten.
The ears barely able to collect the sounds; expanding, straining…then shivering with an
Unending anticipation.

The draining of a slow death that almost had its way…


February 9, 2008
Dar Al Opera – Damascus
8:45 PM


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