For Syria, My Love

Death is maturing my love
Its greed for blood has grown
Silent it is not these days
Quiet no longer

Tags of sectarian labeling sought out
Simply death is not enough
Torture of bodies still in shock of the reality of the moment before the end
Disbelief of the situation reached

“I’m almost home dear” last words heard over space of a face dear to a heart
Of a soul still young
Of a dreamer seeking out his will in life
Cut short through hate blind for reason

“You’re home my dear, You’re home,
You’re safe my dear, You’re safe,
in Your grave my dear You’re safe”

“they can no longer hurt you my dear,
no more can they hurt you…”

We watch in horror as fears talked about in voices skeptical of a situation manifesting in reality take form

What can now quiet down a blood rage
Half of it mad with hate
The other mad for revenge

How can you steady an arm from killing those whom they have lived with all their lives

Death has matured my love
And tomorrow is no longer safe
for the blood rage is brewing
and the fighting is no longer against a common goal
it has shifted my love
it has turned fallen into the chaos of hate

I fear for you my love
I fear for you for the time you are living
For the madness you are witnessing
For the hope that is dwindling
And for the fear you will be living

Be safe my love, be safe
Be strong my love, be strong
For the days to come will only get harder

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