A Story My Own*

what rules, what laws, what principles do you play with
straight line boarders hallowed, imaginary is all they really are
in minds engraved, in beings branded

what lines do u follow, what straight path are you retreading,
worn down stones markers of previous travelers,
all confused, unsure of who they are or what they want
yet with fear of venturing alone, they walk the paths of those taken before,
dully comforted in the ennui of the journey.

some dare let there dreams build new paths, small diversions, side stops from the foretold
but when the eyes open and the mind reawakens to the reality of its being,
the comfort of the known milestones take over, and so they continue in a journey of an ending known
their lives merge in an overused story line worn out with cliches and expected expectations
a story retold over and over and over and over and over again…

A fear mastered, a key to life, a story yet to be told, a beginning scary yet exciting
to blindly walk, trembling with anticipation of the unknown, that’s the life craved to live

I’m no heroine on papers, but a girl with the will to live her curiosities and live a story uniquely her own
for the dream to be tested out in reality, the unknown the only constant
*there are certain triggers that get me writing, i don’t know why but i was listening to a piece of music shared by a friend and the above came together – http://soundcloud.com/fblsoundcards/fpc005-the-stars-that-fell The stars that fell over that night by Fabrizio Paterlini


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