Drunken Rambles

So it seems that love is not enough…. It’s never enough…. in the end it’s always the mold or cast u come from…
If u have the misfortune to click with that who is of a different cast then u will have to suffer the consiquence of this ill fated click…
nothing but numbness possess at this stage, the reality of the impossibility of the situation is chaining me to a tragedy unavoidable…. I taste it, feel it, drink it, and live it…
There is no escape for I dared to love outside my cast. And that that has condemned me to unhappiness of a choice that is stolen from me.
I can not love outside my cast.
And it was not even my choice…


2 thoughts on “Drunken Rambles

    • I’m glad i got this reaction from you… :]

      this piece is about the irony of a situation that should be absurd in our time today, but unfortunately still carries weight. I purposely choose ‘cast’ to be the issue as its an absurd system, that many claim that is over, but is yet kept in the back of the mind in any kind of relationship…

      But even though i was talking about cast, its not cast in its literal meaning but in what it imposes on the situation. you can easily replace it with religion, nationality, or any of the many categories that we as societies have placed as barriers in matters that should be obviously simple & easy going.

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