Silent Witness

She lays in my arms,
her head resting upon my chest,
her eyes wandering back and forth between memories and thoughts.
Embracing her, relaxed, but with crossed hands holding arms with pressure felt.
Presence and silence is all I can offer to her troubled mind.
Her scars are deep, carved in flesh un-healing.

And there across the room another sits,
her tears silently falling from glazed eyes,
blinded by emotion of a mind uncomprehending a way out of darkness consuming.

Then there’s the warrior,
blazing fire, a goddess in her own right,
yet behind that wall of smoke thick,
a heart betrayed over and over again till it was locked away,
replaced with Hercules’s shield and Athena’s mask.

I watch, and I drain

I see them all around me,
the feminine consumed, betrayed, battered down, and hardened.

Simplicity is not an option,
openness a gamble left uncalled

Souls rich yet.
but who’s shine has been turned down, dimmed

and I, I walk upon crossroads of stories untold hidden uncovered in moments quick in disappearing
for I, I am their silent witness.


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