Curiously Patient

Ok, so this is hard to put up as it is, but i need to step beyond what i fear, and the written word is my way, so pls bare with me :] :S

I’m everything that you can’t imagine
the perfect match to your imperfection

There I will be until a passion awakens steals me away

you will be the edges that keep hacking away at my soul,
building scar tissue upon scar tissue
reshaping who i am into who i’ll be

us is a question mark drawn in imagination kept
fantasies drawn in the unknow of reality
Fleeting is all we’ll be

unless you step up,
unless you can accept the possibility of what can be,
unless you can accept what is and has been there

Can you, dare you believe that something amazing can be?

I stand before you ready, for the first time in my life
looking upon you curious to the meddling thoughts in your mind and heart

Will you reach out risk your barriers and walls,
reach out to me and take me in?

I stand intrigued to see
a silent smile on my face
curiously patient


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