Imperfection Am I

I’m imperfection in every sense of the word,
silent, random, chaotic, incomprehensible,
emotionally numbed by fear
easily drowned
and yet
a stray shaft of sunlight lost in the clutter of the everyday
a flame that dangerously bursts and burns so bright
Seen but unseen
Felt yet not acknowledged

On the sidelines I have placed myself

Unconditional passion seeps through without restrain
Trying to quench the thirst of those around,

The flow is strong but the stamina is weakening,
Time a question vital yet ignored

silence used as a tool, a barrier, a chasm to keep the distance

words of feelings un-proclaimed, torture drained on paper
for how should I dare put into sound that which i fear
and so live in the what if’s of possible scenarios of dreams unfulfilled
of courage dreamed

The imperfection of weakness
The curse of empathy and understanding
calling onto strength


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