Tomorrow is coming, should i be afraid?
Should i worry about the endless possibilities of things going wrong,
prepare myself for the worst that could possibly happen, put my guard up, the walls back in place, re-enter that small room in the back of my mind, and lock myself up.

Dare i keep my smile, dismiss my thoughts leading to that dark place, and only flow through today, and tomorrow laugh and play without thought.

This is home, this is my family, this is my land, those are my people
and yet I’m scared, I’m terrified.

If i ignore those worries, this feeling, the thoughts of tomorrow, protect my sanity for now…
can i reclaim the life beat i had

Ma ba3rif… i don’t know… my answer to everything these days…

But i’m still wishing, praying, and demanding the best outcome…
Ya rab kheir…

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