Silently Crave

i silently crave the burning sensation of cigarette smoke creeping into my eyes
forcefully shedding long forgotten tears hidden away in shame and anger.
Falling in public I hurriedly whisk them away with sarcastic giggles, hands wiping away the blasphemous liquid
but privately, in silence welcomed, birthing sporadic tremors as they chillingly glide down.

I silently crave closing my eyes in blaring sun as a play of color and shapes take form in spotlights of reds, yellows, & oranges
Leaving me in a dazed ecstasy rushed every time I reopen my eyes
Blinking furiously trying to captivate the ever-so-rapidly disappearing images

I silently crave the smell of fresh green rushing up my head, teasing me awake from monotony, slyly playing on nerve ends, tickling, energizing.

I silently crave open horizons, where pupils audibly pop into function, expanding, contracting, taking all in.

I silently crave the drowning out of a world of noise with a single song, blasted high, vibrations with every beat, numbing ear drums into a single beat.

I silently crave the accidental smiles of stranger on the road, of heads held high, and strides of confidence, of a slight jump to every step, a lightness of being.

I silently crave the surprise twist in a song, of a beat started low, cautious, smartly built up into a pumping beat, making your soul jump out of place and fall back again shaken

I silently crave the anticipation of something new, the nervous tingle of the unknown, as with fearful intrigue it’s being explored

I silently crave the birth of hope, the warmth that radiates inside out, warming u, cuddling your dreams, and pushing u on

I silently crave your comforting words, and ease of self I feel when i’m with you, the smile that takes over my face, and the laughter that fills up the world

I silently crave……….

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