For the Blood of My Countrymen Stains

I sit here behind my desk, staring into a harsh lit screen, my mind in a million different places all at once…
the world I know slowly crumbling, unknown factors evolving, surprises unraveling within every second.

I sit here in the buzz of eerie silence while out there people scream… my priorities muddled, unclear.

Numb no more can I be, for I’ve been numb for too long, constantly bouncing the outside world off of silent shields,

too close to home things have hit, the vibrations running through, confusion, and apprehension all that’s left in its wake

how can I sit still, quite, when thugs of inconsequence rip apart the only part of my muddled identity that I know, I ask
and yet, crippled I sit here, watching, while the only constant of my life implodes

blood of innocence covers the hands of my countrymen,
blood of innocence seeps into the ground of my country

children are turned into prisoners, cheers of love turn to screams of fear,
suspicion, and wary demeanors everywhere I look,
hushed voices whispering afraid to voice immediate concerns,
contingency plans unannounced, set in motion
Adults turn into children calling in parents, the anger in their voice traveling across borders and seas,
Unclear answers mumbled ending the rain of inquiries entangled within comforting words
“Patience, time, give it time
Hope still pulses strong in all those around”

Fear is there, apprehensive hope yes, and normalization barely stepping through the threshold

But the anger is strong oh so strong, burning, consuming the lies sprouting out of foul mouths
Blood boils within, radiating the Will of a people proud, stubborn, and determined
Uprooting & annihilating all those who sow discontent, to see this madness come to a satisfying end


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