End of Another Day

i walk in with heavy eyelids fluttering trying to shut down the restlessness of thoughts and plans overcrowding each other, a place where comprehension is lost to noise

i walk through a familiar path, with each clickity clack moving closer towards that place of simple pleasures, of promised ease
my head hanging, neck straining with the weight of the fishbowl lolling in locked place

finally there i look up, stretch, reach up to my hair and finally release it from daily constraints
locks of weight finally free, a quite shock of electricity spreads through my scalp, a small upward tilt of lips with closed eyes enjoying the seconds of life seeping through again

then outside i step, beyond the four walls of everyday, look up and see the sky, my eyes not comprehending the space beyond, take time to adjust… space, distance, lights, colors, smells, sounds, silence

oh how i’ve missed u

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