Black Velvet*

Tired of words unsaid,
Of living lost,
Of time wasted,
Of settling for what’s available instead of satisfyingly right,
Of no’s, cant’s, never, impossible, and not now’s.

Chocked by the weight of fatigue,
Crippled by settling,
And bond by the expected; by the role to play.

Tired of my own dark thoughts, of the self inflicting misery.

Struggling to keep my head up searching for that spark of light,
Trying to pull myself out
Creating meaning
Forcing my eyes to look around to See, to Notice
Trying to re-awaken the child of unquenched curiosity and simple pleasures.

Digging with bare hands nails breaking and skin ripping, mere wounds to those in the mind that need to be healed, a sacrifice willingly paid for clarity of self.

How far will my Will hold?
How long will I last without the safety net of conforming?
Can I withstand the storm to come?

Words, questions, thoughts,

Black velvet over my eyes,

I remember to breath.

*Feb 17,2010


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